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Butler County Data

Searchable Databases

County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
Searchable health information from across the US, broken down by county. Compare data by counties and see a county's ranking within the state. Includes quality of life, health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and physical environment.

Ohio Public Health Data Warehouse
Database of OH health data searchable by keyword. Breaks down into 6 categories: birth data, BRFSS, cancer data, data quality, death data and population.

Public Insight
Database of nationwide data which can be filtered by state and searchable by institute of higher education, school district, state, county, city, zip code or statistical area. Types of data include: geographic, demographic, financial/economic, education data, housing, safety, and social data. Allows comparisons.

OASIS - Online Analysis & Statistical Information System
Contains public-release health and social sciences data. Includes studies from Interact for Health, Community Research Collaborative, Institute for Policy Research, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, and the Southwest Ohio regional data center. Studies focus on Ohio, with some studies including neighboring states. This system allows for sophisticated statistical analysis and GIS software for mapping. Users have the option of choosing user-defined analysis (for those with an advanced understanding of statistical analysis) or guided analysis (for the novice user).

NKU by the Numbers - American Community Survey
Maintained by the Northern Kentucky University Center for Economic Analysis and Development, this site has many reports concerning economic indicators for Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati MSA. Perhaps the most helpful is the downloadable report of the American Community Survey. This Excel file can create a report comparing up to 3 counties at a time (KY, OH & IN) and contains information on income, poverty, race, age and housing.

American Fact Finder
This database created by the United States Census Bureau provides data from 2000-2013. You can search data in a variety of areas, including demographic, housing, business & industry, government statistics, ethnicity info and occupations, while defining a geographic region (state, county or place).
HealthLandscape is an interactive web-based mapping tool that combines, analyzes and displays information in ways that promote better understanding of health and the forces that affect it. The tool brings together various sources of health, socio-economic and environmental information in a convenient, central location to help answer questions about and improve health and healthcare. HealthLandscape can be used to create maps from publicly available data sets including regional criminal justice, education, healthcare, and demographic data, allowing users to discover community characteristics and share information.

Montgomery County Community Indicators (includes surrounding counties)
FCFC Montgomery County has put together this site with data around a variety of indicators in 6 major areas: Healthy People, Young People Succeeding, Stable Families, Positive Living for Special Populations, Safe & Supportive Neighborhoods, and Economic Self-Sufficiency. Indicator data is searchable by a variety of factors, including county. The site also provides reports and other tools for interpreting data, but these focus primarily on Montgomery County.

Community Profile and Needs

Supports to Encourage Low Income Families 2018 Needs Assessment
SELF works with residents who are unemployed, underemployed or interested in additional education or building assets.

Quick facts from the US Census Bureau
Summary profiles for frequently requested data from the US from the US Census Bureau. Includes profiles for the nation, states, counties and places.

Economy at a Glance
Tables provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics which provide high level economic indicators. Provides info for Ohio and the Cincinnati/Middletown area.

Butler County Profile 2015
Visual information of Butler County's poverty, employment, education and other indicators put together by the Center for Community Solutions. Data from the US Census Bureau 2007-2012.

Butler County Needs Assessment
This needs assessment was undertaken to provide a collective “picture” of the families and children of Butler County—their well being, their health, and their circumstances. Through communication of the findings, advocates for good policies and effective practices, grant‚Äźwriters, and service providers will be better equipped to implement programs and services that efficiently utilize available resources while meeting critical needs.

Butler County Family & Children First Council Survey of Family Needs
A survey of almost 500 families across Butler County as well as a Focus Group was conducted to assess needs and inform strategies to meet these needs. Over 50% of respondents indicated they had a child with special needs. For a copy of the complete Survey Report click here.

City of Cincinnati Planning & Building
The Department of City Planning and Buildings is a unified, high-performance team that guides land use, zoning and preservation of historic structures, facilitates building permitting and construction inspection. They provide various types of planning related data including data on abandoned/vacant buildings and neighborhood demographic information.

Hamilton County Planning + Development Department
Hamilton County's Planning + Development Department is responsible for ensuring safe, responsible development and redevelopment while building partnerships to create and implement visionary plans. They provide various types of planning related data including data on recycling, health and neighborhood demographic information.

Greater Cincinnati Community Health Status Survey
This study is a project of Interact for Health conducted by the Institute for Policy Research at the University of Cincinnati. The 2013 CHSS shows how the region stacks up to the rest of the country and how our health is changing over time. Topics include access to healthcare, insurance coverage, physical and mental health, obesity, healthy eating, active living, smoking rates, alcohol use, presence of certain health conditions, dental health, community support, healthy neighborhoods, mental and emotional well-being, and housing conditions (see an overview here).

Butler County Health Data

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps (Ohio)
A collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute

State of Ohio - Health Indicators by County

New Substance Abuse Prevention Planning and Epidemiology Tool
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies (CAPT) has unveiled the Substance Abuse Prevention Planning and Epidemiology Tool (SAPPET) - an interactive website that allows users to access and analyze data from a number of publicly available national sources. Formerly the Behavioral Health Indicators System, SAPPET has been renamed to capture the essence of its functionality: to guide prevention planning and epidemiological analysis. The database contains national- and state-level Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS) data from 1991-2013 and more. Click here to access SAPPET and enter the password: sappet.

National Behavioral Health Barometer
A report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) illuminates important trends in Americans' behavioral health, both nationally and on a state-by-state basis. SAMHSA's report, the "National Behavioral Health Barometer" (Barometer), provides data about key aspects of behavioral healthcare issues affecting American communities including rates of serious mental illness, suicidal thoughts, substance use, underage drinking, and the percentages of those who seek treatment for these disorders. The Barometer shows this data at the national level, and for each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Network of Care: Butler County Public Health Assessment and Wellness, Community Health Indicators
See how Butler County compares to the state and the national targets of Healthy People 2020. Categories include: chronic disease and conditions; demographics; health behaviors; health care; health care resources; health outcomes; health risk factors; infectious disease; injury and violence; maternal and infant health; mental health and substance abuse; occupational health and safety; oral health; physical environment; population; prevention through healthcare; public health infrastructure; social determinants of health; women’s health.

Child Well-Being Survey for the Greater Cincinnati Area
This study, conducted in 2000, 2005 and 2011 by Cincinnati Children's James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence, surveyed caregivers in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area. All 3 surveys include the following information: health status, access to health care, insurance coverage, injuries, asthma, food security and use of childcare services.

Ohio Family Health Survey 2010
The OFHS 2010 includes oversampling of the eight Southwestern Ohio counties in the service area of Interact for Health, formerly The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati: Adams, Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton, Highland, and Warren. Questions include: health status, health care access, utilization, insurance status, and demographics.

Interact for Health
Interact for Health works to improve the health of people in the Cincinnati region by being a catalyst for health and wellness. They sponsor numerous surveys about health in Ohio, Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati Region. Some of the more recent surveys are What Ohioans think about integrating Mental and Physical Health Care (August 2010), Social Enterprise - What We've Learned (June 2012), Spanning Systems: Lessons Learned from the Substance Use Disorder and Severe Mental Illness in the Criminal Justice System Initiative (Nov. 2012), and School-based health centers in Greater Cincinnati: Improving student health to promote community well-being (March 2013, updated 2014)

Child & Youth Data

Southwest Ohio Regional Prevention Council Child Abuse and Neglect Needs Assessment – 2016
As Ohio's sole, dedicated state public funding source for child abuse and neglect prevention, the Ohio Children’s Trust Fund (OCTF) is at the forefront of child abuse and neglect prevention activities throughout the state.  The Southwest Ohio Regional Prevention Council is comprised of prevention specialists from eight counties—Adams, Brown, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton, Highland, and Warren counties. As part of the planning process each region must complete a comprehensive needs assessment that communicates the needs identified in the region’s respective counties. This report is the comprehensive needs assessment for the Southwest Ohio region, which was guided by the prevention specialists and carried out by Wright State University’s Applied Policy Research Institute (APRI).

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